The ZOUTE GRAND PRIX® crossed the land to set foot for the very first time in the picturesque town of Durbuy, doorway to the Ardennes. On the agenda? The “RALLYE DE DURBUY®”, a three-day oldtimer rally from April 29 until May 2, 2021 at the same high level as its seaside counterpart. Only this time submerged in the unrivalled ambiance of winding mountain roads, tall pine forests and the budding cosiness of Spring.

Get ready for an unforgettable driving adventure with like-minded enthusiasts, enriched by some jaw-dropping surprises brought to you by the organisation. This time, you won’t be counting the grains of sand in your shoes but the majestic wild boars by the side of the road.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

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With la plus petite ville du monde as its backdrop, the RALLYE DE DURBUY® isn’t just your average oldtimer rally. The glamorous schedule full of surprises and with different formulas set it apart as a true car & lifestyle festival. A feast for all senses, not to be missed by petrolheads who will be enchanted by the beautiful Spring scenery on the banks of the Ourthe river and its lush surroundings.

The RALLYE DE DURBUY® kicks off oldtimer season with a rolling start, and gets you up to speed on the rythm of the Ardennes with a weekend of suspense, pure driving pleasure and hartwarming charm!



Enjoy the RALLYE DE DURBUY® via two well-known stage types. We’ve got something for everyone!


Bring your A-game for this timed regularity rally with average speed and regularity tests (RT’s). During this regularity rally, you can prove your worth behind the wheel. The meticulously designed courses carry you along for 250 km each day, while you’re put to the test during speed en navigation events. A most exciting criterium for drivers who love a proper challenge!


For those who appreciate the healing powers of the Ardennes through its slower stride, we present Touring. At your own pace, you let the scenery and adjusted courses take you away while amusing stops at surprising locations keep you on your toes.

A perfect criterium for the petrolhead-gentle(wo)man whose time is not of the essence.

Whichever type of experience you choose (and you’ll do so clearly when registering) — the call of the road will never echo stronger than next Spring in the lovely Durbuy area!



When it comes to the exclusivity and beauty of the competing cars, the RALLYE DE DURBUY® is as good as it gets with max. 125 oldtimers with first date of registration between 1920 and 1975.

Does your oldtimer match this criterion and do you wish to set it free during this distinguished three-day event? Please fill in your application before 30.11.2019, to be completely submerged in the world of rare automobiles and their enthusiastic admirers.


For the organisation behind the ZOUTE GRAND PRIX safety always was and will be a main concern.The RALLYE DE DURBUY® will get that same strong focus, obviously. Only by putting safety first, we can let the true value and experience of this special event prevail, to be enjoyed by everyone.

Tests and challenges are held at closed circuits and all participants are bound by Belgian and European laws and regulations at all times during all events. And to ensure strict speed compliance, all cars are equipped with a track & trace system, guaranteeing a fun and safe rally voor participants and spectactors alike!

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